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Big data and AI for actionable Consumer insights

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Consumer activation

Using our integrated marketing platform we help to organize effective consumer activations gathering insightful data and at least 5% income increase.

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Consumer Data Platform

Our platform integrates all internal and external consumer data sources in 360 customer view, ready for business intelligence and data mining analysis.

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Data analysis

Our tools help to get valuable insights from data using advanced AI and optimize the full consumer journey, microsegmentation and multi-channel attribution.

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1to1 Marketing Automation

Check our behavioral targeting and next best action engine to deliver top-class consumer personalization experiences.

The only scanner in the market to capture ALL receipt data, making it available to marketers in real time as shown in the table at the end of the video.

How to improve consumer promotions

Our proprietary AI-driven solution allows to launch consumer activations faster, at a lower cost, while reducing barriers of entry, eliminating fraud and proving more complete consumer data for real time segmentation, analytics, trends and reporting.

Substantial cost savings

• Lower cost of running promotions – no retailer approvals needed
• No printing of promotional codes on packaging
• No barrier of entry for consumers – no need to fill out a form, just scan a receipt
• Less fraud

Better data for better decisions

• More complete data
• Segmentation and analytics, trends and reporting
• The missing link – off line + online to better understand the shopping process
• Reduced time to launch promotions up to 5 business days


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Meet Our Team

Combining big data, innovation and marketing experience for a better ROI

Krystian Dylewski


Data analysis manager, expertise: big data, AI, more than 12 years of experience

Michał Barański


Data analysis manager, expertise: marketing, more than 15 years of experience

Jakub Radzikowski


Growth and innovation expert, expertise: marketing, more than 20 years of experience