"The all-in-one experience loyalty platform"

An API-Centric Approach to Application Development

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Paving the path to customer loyalty

Along side our customer engagement solutions, c-gence delivers customer loyalty programs that combines in-store and eCommerce customer experiences that adds value.

See how we can help you build loyalty:

C-Gence offers comprehensive loyalty program technology for retailers, combined with next-gen functionality in-store. Our platform focuses on customer loyalty, customer behavior analysis and relationship building.

Major Functionalities Of Our Loyalty Managment Platform:

Improved customer experience and reduced acquisition costs – provide new & existing clients with personalized offers to achieve better business results in no time.

Full insight into customer behavior – understand your customers’ needs better by using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies

Increased loyalty of program members – break the cycle of price comparison and prevent deal-driven customer churn

Raised brand awareness – gain a stronger market position and stay ahead of your competitors

Real-time efficiency – communicate with your customers through multiple channels effectively at all times

Reliability & convenience – run multiple loyalty programs simultaneously using a single, robust platform

Guaranteed ease-of-use – define even the most complex loyalty program rules without specialized knowledge or IT expertise.